Patients and employees left bewildered after sudden closing of BronxDocs medical centers

Emblem Health closed three BronxDocs medical centers last month, leaving many residents unemployed and thousands of patients wondering where and when they'll be treated.
The BronxDocs clinics on East 149th street, Southern Boulevard, and Westchester Avenue were closed for good on Dec. 20. According to Emblem Health, the clinics are in a transition period and will reopen Jan. 22 as advantage care centers. However, just over 90 employees were laid off and 12,000 patients were affected.
"My patients were very confused as to what was going on - 'Hey how come all of a sudden in two to three weeks the office is closing? Where are you going to be Dr. Haque?'" said Dr. Seeam Haque.
Haque and fellow former employee Ama Hri say they were informed no more than two weeks before the closing of the clinics. They add that since then, there has been no real clarity on their job statuses.
"It was absolutely no details and the look on our manager's face when she was telling us... she was crushed," said Hri. "She really had no answers for our questions other than what Emblem was saying to her."
In a statement provided to News 12, Emblem Health said they never laid anyone off, but a representative from BronxDocs claims Emblem Health terminated the agreement, causing the clinics to shut down.
"It's very inconvenient because now I don't know what to do. I need to see the doctor," said patient Laurie Cameron.
Emblem Health also says that if patients have any concerns or questions, they can call their number for assistance - (646) 680-4227.