Photographer features Bronx-inspired photos at first solo show

For photographer Adiana Rivera, her passion for photography began just one year ago.
Last March, Rivera went to an event where she was inspired by so many young Bronx creatives.
“A year ago, I didn’t even have the confidence to take a photo,” says Rivera.
The event inspired her to go out with her own camera.
“The more I did it, the more I realized ‘wow this camera can do a lot for the Bronx,’ you can do a lot for the Bronx, get yourself out there,” says Rivera.

Rivera primarily documents the change happening in the Bronx and the people who inspire her. 

After just one year, her dreams are already coming true. Rivera's photos are now framed and hanging on the walls of the Boogie Down Grind Cafe as a part of her first solo show. 

“I feel like you see stories here like you see the different people living here,” says Rivera. 

The curator at the Hunts Point coffee shop chose Rivera to show her work in honor of Women's History Month.

Rivera says every photo shows her unconditional love for the borough that raised her.
“I love that it's so vibrant because the Bronx might seem so grungy, but the reason I’m here today is because of the all the support I got from the Bronx and because I didn't stop. So, don't stop. keep going,” says Rivera.

Rivera's work will be on display at the Boogie Down Grind Cafe in Hunts Point until April 7. The opening reception is next Friday.