Photographs, artifacts tell stories of the past in exhibition at the Museum of the City of New York

An exhibition at the Museum of the City of New York shares stories of the city throughout the years.
The museum’s Collecting New York’s Stories exhibition pulled together archives and photographs from the past to show small glimpses in into the city’s story.
Chief Curator and Deputy Director Sarah Henry says the historical pieces include photographs of the work of the New York Times fashion photographer Bill Cunningham from when he was a milliner.
She says that more recent pieces are in the exhibition as well, such as a collection of sticky notes posted in the 14 Street subway tunnel after the 2016 election, called Subway Therapy.
"This exhibition is really touching a nerve for a lot of people because we all have a New York Story,” says Henry.
Curator of Prints and Photographs Sean Corcoran says the exhibition shows about 100 years of the changing lifestyles of New Yorkers.
“One of the things you will see again and again is how young people have played on city streets through the years,” says Corcoran.
Corcoran says the exhibition will leave visitors with a sense of how dynamic life in the city is.