Pink Aid's Pinkchella fashion show held in Westport to raise money for breast cancer

A special fashion show was held in Westport on Thursday.
Pink Aid held its Pinkchella at Mitchells of Westport.
Breast cancer survivors walked down the runway during a celebration of life fashion show, including News 12 Connecticut's Suzanne Goldklang.
Along with the fashion show was a luncheon and auction. The goal was to raise over $1 million for underserved patients.
"It's not just the recovery garments but like people who say we have enabled them to have real dinners for the month because we provide a food cart. Or they can literally keep the lights on in their house while they are struggling to keep the lights on within their body and in their souls," said Pink Aid President Michele Corenman.
This was the first in-person Pinkchella since 2019.