Police: 2 injured after driver loses control, crashes into building

Two people are injured after police say a driver lost control of her wheel and hit a pedestrian before slamming her car into a building. 
Police say a 75-year-old woman was behind the wheel of a silver Toyota Highlander when she lost control of the car and crashed into a residential building at 1415 Hegeman Ave. 
They say a 58-year-old man stood outside the service entrance and was pinned between the car and the wall. 
The woman’s son, Sharrief Reid, says his mother Vera has diabetes and that he believes she had a medical episode. 
"Sometimes when her sugar drops she loses consciousness a little and she loses reality and that's probably what happened,” said Reid. 
Both were rushed to Brookdale Hospital and although police say she is expected to be OK, they say the man was in very bad shape and is fighting for his life. 
Vera’s other son, Solomon Reid, was working across the street at a grocery store when he was told his mom got into an accident. 
"People here in the supermarket told me about it and I walked over there and checked on my mom and she looked alright but she was disoriented,” said Solomon Reid. 
Her totaled car was towed from the scene Wednesday night leaving behind a broken doorway.