Police: 5 people arrested for selling THC-laced products geared toward children

Five people were arrested Tuesday for selling products laced with THC, police say.
Three businesses in Nassau County were busted.
"If you're going to sell it, we are going to lock you up," says Nassau County Police Commissioner Patrick Ryder,
Police say this is a county-wide problem affecting mostly teenagers. Ryder says there have been eight overdoses under the age of 18 this year.
"The notion of overdoses, we have seen more and more of this, of kids who are out there buying this THC they know nothing about it," says Jeffrey Reynolds with the Family and Childrens Association. "It's not labeled correctly."
He says the chemicals in the products are extremely dangerous for teenagers and especially when there is no regulation on it.
There is zero tolerance for THC to be sold in the three townships of Nassau County, even if it is legal in some parts of New York. The towns have all opted out and police say they will be continuing to enforce the laws.