Police arrest man in connection with fatal NYC nightclub shooting

Police have arrested a Bronx man in connection with a shooting that killed one woman and injured two others.
Police say 26-year-old Dalone "Smack" Jamison is under arrest in connection with the shooting, which occurred in the Flatiron district of Manhattan early Monday morning.
The suspect apparently became enraged after being kicked out of a club for arguing with another patron, and investigators say he opened fire into a crowd.
Walikque Faussett died after being shot in the back.
Jamison had earlier posted on his Instagram page claiming that he did not pull the trigger in the shooting.
Just hours after the shooting, Jamison posted a photo of himself with Faussett on his Instagram page. Jamison posted another Instagram photo Monday night, writing in part that Faussett was his friend and he would never do something like this.
Investigators say Faussett and her two friends were standing outside the nightclub waiting for a taxi when the gunman was thrown out of the club. The bouncers of the club tell police the suspect came back with a gun and began shooting through a crowd, hitting Faussett and her two friends.
News 12 has learned that the other two victims are 25 and 30 years old, and both are recovering at Bellevue Hospital.