Police make massive heroin bust in Kingsbridge Heights

Police say officers seized dozens of pounds of heroin in a bust in Kingsbridge Heights Saturday.
The roughly $30 million in heroin confiscated at a Sedgwick Avenue apartment was meant for distribution along the East Coast, according to investigators.
Police also seized $50,000 in cash.
Police had been watching 2830 Sedgwick Ave. in an ongoing investigation. Police searched a silver Jeep outside at around 3:40 a.m. Saturday and found 22 bricks of powdered heroin.
At least one of the two men in the Jeep lived inside the building, and police searched his apartment, where they found another 44 pounds of the drug hidden in the closet and floorboards.
Neighbors say they rarely saw the men and were surprised to see such a massive stash in their quiet neighborhood.
Police say they later found another 9 pounds of heroin in a storage unit owned by one of the men in Yonkers.
Both men pleaded not guilty Sunday to criminal possession of a controlled substance.