Police seek suspects in baseball bat attack outside Fordham Heights apartment

Police are looking for three men accused of beating a man with a baseball bat outside of his apartment after it was caught on video.
Police say it happened around 5:40 p.m. Sunday in Fordham Heights.
Family members of the victim, 56-year-old Lucindo Rosado, say he was playing pool with friends at Marimba Bar down the street from their home when the owner of the bar got into a fight with Rosado and punched him in the face.
They say Rosado left the bar to go home, but was followed by three security guards from the bar who started beating him with a bat only a few feet from his front door.
Family members say Rosado has broken ribs, a broken elbow, 14 stitches in his ear and a swollen eye.
Police say the suspects ran off and Rosado was transported to St. Barnabas Hospital and is in stable condition.
They say no arrests have been made and they are still investigating.