Police seek to identity couple who may have inadvertently purchased stolen dog

Police in Paramus are trying to identify a couple that may have inadvertently purchased a dog off Craigslist that was stolen from Chicago earlier this year.
Zorro is a 1-year-old doodle mix that went missing on March 18.
“He was a quarantine pup, with me every single day. Working from home with me, so his absence has been felt,” says owner Nia Morgan.
Morgan tells News 12 New Jersey that Zorro went missing while she was away and the dog was with his dog sitter. The sitter says that Zorro bolted from her car when she opened the door. She had driven to her boyfriend’s house in Waukegan, Illinois, about an hour north of Chicago.
“We have found a lot of inconsistencies in my sitter’s story and her boyfriend’s story,” Morgan says.
Morgan says that it wouldn’t be likely that Zorro would just run away.
“Next to me he could be off leash, be in a park…He is a shy puppy,” she says. “Definitely a mamma’s boy and sticks to the people he knows.”
Four months later, police in Paramus say that a woman befriended a young couple in their 20s who had a dog that resembled Zorro.
“She’s fairly certain that she met the dog missing from Chicago,” says Paramus Police Detective Marc Glantschnig.
Glantschnig says that it could all be a coincidence, but the story he's being told about the couple piqued his interest.
“They just got this dog not too long ago off Craigslist and the guy was wheeling and dealing for money,” he says. “They got it for $100 because he was desperate to get rid of the dog.”
Zorro has a microchip, so it would be easy to tell if he is the couple’s dog. Morgan says that she is just hoping to find her dog and has a message for the Paramus couple.
“If you have my dog, I know this is not your fault…I thank you for taking care of him as long as you did and I hope you return him soon,” she says.
Glantschnig wants to identify the couple so that he can find them. He says that they are not in trouble and did not break any laws, but that he hopes that they come forward.