Police: Trio steals $110,000-worth of items from Beach Avenue store

Police are searching for a trio caught on surveillance video stealing hundreds of dollars’ worth of merchandise in the Bronx.
Police say the three men got away with $110,000-worth of goods from a business called Invention Cell Wholesale in Soundview.
Some of the incident was caught on surveillance video. The video shows two men in black stuffing item after item into a bag. Minutes later another man appears in white walking near a desk holding a gun. These are the men police say they are looking for.
News 12 is told the men walked into the store on Beach Avenue last Friday around 11:30 a.m. An employee told police one of the men threatened him with a gun and ordered him to head to the back, that’s when they started to ransack the shelves.
Investigators have identified one of the three men they’re looking for, saying 45-year-old Gerry Smith is said to be one of the men who took off with merchandise.