Police: Woman found dead with rosary beads stuffed down throat

A woman was found dead with rosary beads stuffed down her throat, police say.
According to investigators, 33-year-old Helen Hernandez was found unconscious and unresponsive Tuesday afternoon in the hallway of a building at 1191 Anderson Ave.
A neighbor says he witnessed a naked man running down the street. That man, identified as Pierre Jones and believed to be Hernandez's boyfriend, was taken to Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center for a psychiatric evaluation.
Police say they arrested Jones and that he's a person of interest in her death, the cause of which will be determined by the medical examiner. It is not currently known what charges he faces. Police add that Jones was under the influence of narcotics at the time of his arrest.
A memorial has been set up outside Hernandez's home. Neighbors call her a loving mother of three.