Police: Woman killed inside family shelter in the Bronx

Police say a stabbing at a family shelter in Claremont left one woman dead Wednesday in the Bronx.
Police say the call came in just before 1 p.m. about a dispute regarding a woman and a man inside the shelter.
Police say the altercation involved 19-year-old Enilies Calix and a 23-year-old man. Police say the man fled the scene soon after the incident.
A relative of the woman told News 12 the woman had two young children. A resident that lives in the shelter says they now fear for their safety.
Investigators believe the father of her children is responsible. Family members say Calix was killed a few days after celebrating her birthday.
"In these moments we are trying to receive strength in God. There's nothing left," said Calix's uncle, Jose Zapata.
According to the Department of Homeless Services, a staffer inside the shelter took immediate action and called police at the time of the incident.
"She was always quiet and taking care of her girls," said Calix's friend Vanessa Munoz.
Police say the woman had several stab wounds to the body and was pronounced dead at the scene.
Calix's uncle told News 12 that he was unaware of any domestic violence in the relationship.
A spokesperson from DHS is calling this a tragedy and said protecting residents is a top priority. The spokesperson added that for the first time in history of the shelter system, security is being overseen by the NYPD.
DHS released a statement saying, "This incident is a heartbreaking tragedy. Protecting the security of all New Yorkers we serve is our top priority...we are working closely with the NYPD and our not-for-profit provider partner at this location to ensure that all New Yorkers experiencing homelessness can get back on their feet in a safe, supportive environment."
Police have not announced any arrests yet. There is no word on a motive.