Police: Woman making church donation injured when thief tries to steal her car

A 73-year-old woman is recovering after police say another woman stole her car and then ran her over with it in the parking lot of a Lake Ronkonkoma church.
The incident happened Saturday evening. Police say that Lorraine Lombardo, of St. James, pulled into St. Mary’s Church parking lot to drop off a clothing donation. They say that the engine was still running while Lombardo was out dropping off the clothes. They say this is when 50-year-old Doreen Dunbar, who is homeless, got into the vehicle.
Police say Lombardo ran back to the car and grabbed the steering wheel in an attempt to prevent the car from being stolen. Dunbar allegedly put the car into reverse, and ran over Lombardo’s legs as she drove off. She then crashed into a guard rail and fence.
Kathleen White heard the commotion from her house next door and ran out to help.
“There was a woman walking away and the woman on the ground was saying, ‘Stop here. She was trying to steal my car,’” White says.
But before White could do anything, she saw the suspect return to the crime scene and confront the victim.
“She came back and she was arguing with the woman on the ground saying, ‘It's my car.’ So the two were arguing whose car it was. So I said well, the police can figure out whose car it is,” White says.
White says that as soon as she dialed 911, Dunbar took off.
Dunbar was arrested a short time later as police used a helicopter and K9 unit to find her. She was charged with assault and robbery.
Lombardo is being treated for serious leg injuries at Stony Brook University Hospital. Parishioners at St. Mary’s Church are praying for her speedy recovery and for justice to be served.
“That's just really sad that you're that desperate to have to take somebody else's car as they're doing a good deed,” says White.
Dunbar was also taken to the hospital for evaluation. She is awaiting a court date.