Police: Woman taking out money from ATM robbed in Parkchester bodega

Surveillance cameras caught a man robbing a woman inside a Parkchester bodega in broad daylight.
News 12 is told the victim was taking out cash from an ATM on Beach Avenue at around 9 a.m. when a male suspect tried to take her money.
An employee told News 12 that the woman had just taken out $200 when the man attempted to swipe her cash. The victim screamed for help and the employee stepped in.
The suspect then tried to convince the employee that the money was his, but the employee wasn't convinced.
Police say the suspect was able to get away with $30.
Residents in the community are angry to see innocent people targeted.
"It's sad because in this type of community people are trying to live their lives," says Alex Michaca. "Everyone is either working, going to work. People are taking out money, they got to feed their kids and it's sad seeing this."
The NYPD is advising those taking out money from ATMs to be aware of their surroundings, use the placed mirrors on the ATM, be cautious and block bystanders' view when doing a transaction and to put their money away and double check that they have their card and receipt.
The 34-year-old victim wasn't injured in the attack.
Crime Stoppers is offering a reward for information that leads to an arrest and indictment.