Political expert: Testimony from harassment probe offers glimpse of 'indignant' Andrew Cuomo

Political expert discusses new information in Cuomo sexual harassment allegations
There is newly released and written testimony from the Andrew Cuomo sexual harassment investigation. But what does this mean for the former governor? 
Political expert Dr. Christopher Malone says through the hours of video testimony released on Monday by Attorney General Letitia James' office, we are starting to see the real Andrew Cuomo. 
"He's indignant at times, he's dismissive, he's arrogant, and from the get-go, you get the sense that this whole thing is beneath him," says Malone.
Sen. Alessandria Biaggi says now people can finally see the truth. "I hope that it sends a very clear message to everybody that nobody is above the law or untouchable,” says Biaggi. 
The testimonies of his brother, top aides and from the women who came forward with the allegations of sexual harassment are all part of the five-month independent investigation. Now the public can read and see most of it firsthand. 
The investigation found Cuomo harassed multiple women and violated state and federal laws, according to the attorney general. 
Although it wrapped up this summer, Malone says the video released is keeping Cuomo in the conversation. 
"He's a private citizen now, he's not in government. But if this continues over the next weeks and months, then we'll be talking about Andrew Cuomo as we get into 2022,” says Malone. 
Malone says he does not expect Cuomo to run again for governor but says this could reignite the criminal charges against him. 
"The impact of having this video surface would probably restart and recharge the need to look at that criminal investigation a little further,” says Malone. 
Biaggi says she hopes that New York can now begin to move forward and leave behind a culture of corruption.