Protesters burn eviction notices outside Brooklyn courthouse after state’s moratorium ends

A large crowd gathered at the Kings County Courthouse in Brooklyn on Saturday to protest the end of the state’s eviction moratorium.
Tenants who took part in the rally on Saturday burned eviction notices and demanded the moratorium be extended.
Protesters say they want Gov. Kathy Hochul to take action and freeze rent for another six months, as thousands are still trying to rebound from the pandemic. They also say they want to keep the emergency rental assistance program open for the time being.
For almost two years, the 2020 eviction moratorium has blocked landlords from evicting tenants who can't afford to pay rent.
If not extended, some leaders say there could be an influx of New Yorkers losing their homes.
“We have people out of work still, and despite all of our efforts, the state still hasn't come up with a resolution for this problem,” says Jessica Dunn, of the Crown Heights Tenant Union. “We don't see why we have to be the ones to lose our homes when they can't do their jobs.”
Protestors say if the state won’t stop evictions than they will continue to fight evictions outside of the courthouse.