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Protesters demand mayor increase protections for people in custody

Advocates and loved ones of those who died in custody of the city's Corrections Department are calling for more investments into alternatives to incarceration and better quality of living for inmates.

News 12 Staff

Feb 9, 2023, 10:23 PM

Updated 495 days ago


Following the death of another inmate on Riker’s Island this past weekend, protesters gathered outside of City Hall to demand better protections for inmates.  
The call for action comes after Marvin Pines died while in Department of Correction custody on Saturday. His death marks the jail’s first of 2023. According to the New York City’s Board of Correction, this is the 20th death in their custody since Mayor Eric Adams took office.  
Many outside of City Hall were family members of those who died while in custody of the Department of Correction on Riker’s Island.  
“My son was perfectly healthy when he went to jail,” said Lazandra Kadhu, whose son died on Rikers Island in the fall of 2021 after contracting meningitis.  
During Mayor Adams’ campaign, he vowed to close the facility due to mismanagement and inhumane living conditions. Advocates say he is not acting fast enough.  
Organizers say they no longer plan to accept empty promises and will continue to make their voices heard until Riker’s Island is closed and safe alternatives to incarceration receive funding. 

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