Protesters gather at Prospect Park, continue to Barclays Center

Crowds gathered at Prospect Park and continued their march to the Barclays Center Sunday as a weekend of protests in Brooklyn continued, following the death of George Floyd. 
Protesters gathered at the entrance of Eighth Avenue and Prospect Park West. News 12’s Hannah Kliger spoke to some of the protesters who say the demonstrations will continue until they feel their voices will be heard. 
Many protesters wore masks and carried signs. Protesters were seen coming in waves down Flatbush Avenue. 
A large police presence was seen. Officers wore helmets and face shields and stood shoulder to shoulder as they blocked the subway station. 
Drivers were also seen honking in solidarity with the protesters. 
Over the last few days, protests in the city have occasionally erupted in violence as the evening progressed. 
Police say 47 NYPD cruisers were vandalized Saturday night. At least 345 people were arrested and more than 30 officers were hurt, according to the NYPD.