Puerto Rican Bronx native stars in new PBS Kids show 'Alma's Way'

News 12 spoke with the young star and how the show is all about empowering kids.

News 12 Staff

Sep 30, 2021, 11:21 AM

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A young Puerto Rican from the Bronx is the star of the newest PBS Kids show “Alma's Way,” which also takes place in the Bronx. News 12 spoke with the young star about how the show is all about empowering kids.
"I feel connected to Alba because she's from the Bronx, I'm from the Bronx. She's Puerto Rican and I'm Puerto Rican, and we're both Latina and that's just really exciting," says Summer Castillo.
Summer Rose Castillo is bringing all the authenticity as the voice of Alma. This series follows a young Latina from the Bronx as she navigates her world, and culture is on full display.
The series was created by Sonia Manzano and is about empowering young kids and encouraging them to share what they think and feel. As the voice of the main character, Summer is learning a few life lessons as well.
"What I am learning from my character is that whenever Alma has a problem, just take a moment and think it through and don't be afraid to use your voice."
"We are beaming with pride," says Summer's father, Jose Castillo. "To have your 8-year-old play such an important role early on in life, it's just amazing because as adults now we get to see ourselves a little bit more on TV."
If you're from the Bronx, the show may feel like you are watching your childhood.
"It's just so diverse, so many different families, exactly what the Bronx is about. But the music, Caribbean sounds and you hear Alma rapping. That truly is what the Bronx is about," says April Castillo, Summer's mother.
The show starts Oct. 4 on PBS Kids.

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