Queens butcher shop one of oldest surviving family-run butcher stores in city

A butcher shop in Queens is one of the oldest surviving family-run butcher stores in the entire city, amid rising rent and competition from retailers.
Herbert Morscher, co-owner and butcher of Morscher’s Pork Store, says many people told him not to get involved because it was a dying business.
“And I said, ‘Well people always have to eat,’” he says.
Morscher’s family arrived in the United States in 1950 with nothing in their pockets - all they had was the will to work and try to make a good living.
“We were displaced people from WWII, we lost everything from the war and we were all refugees in Europe and fortunately, we had people, family members here in America that were able to sponsor our family to come here and immigrate to America,he says.
Morsher says they work very hard, working six and sometimes seven days a week with 13- to 14-hour days.