Rally to change New York state prison system held by incarceration advocates, former inmates

Incarceration advocates, former inmates and the friends and family of current inmates rallied outside Gov. Kathy Hochul’s office in Manhattan on Monday, calling for changes to the state’s prison system.  
Ralliers are demanding changes to the prison system to further protect basic human rights that they are saying have been taken from New York inmates. 
Those outside the governor’s office say rallies of this nature took place across the state on Monday, all focusing on the increased repression in New York prisons.  
Organizers of the rally say that the ongoing repression is worsening the safety of those within the prison facilities, citing banned care packages at certain prisons and lack of health aid as major issues. 
One woman told News 12 that the care package ban has hit her hard, as her husband who is incarcerated needs fresh food due to a medical condition.  
“Half of the time you’re sending them food from outside through the vendors, it's so expensive,” said Theresa Grady. “By the time they give it to them, it's rotten… what do they eat, you know? They have to make sacrifices. This is bad for them, and Gov. Hochul should order docs to stop this!" 
Ralliers are asking Gov. Hochul to stop repression in New York prisons and help further protect the human rights of those incarcerated.