Rapper Fred The Godson diagnosed with COVID-19, fighting for his life

A Bronx rapper is fighting for his life after being diagnosed with COVID-19. 
In his last Instagram post before being put on a ventilator, Fred The Godson asked for prayers. 
A doctor told his wife, LeeAnn Jemmott, that he might not make it.
"It was just like -- he's gone and he's gonna die, that's it. I don't even know how I felt, I just felt like I was going to die,” said Jemmott.  
However, she says as of Wednesday afternoon he is showing some signs of improvement. 
"Now, instead of the ventilator supporting him 100%, it's supporting him 70%,” said Jemmott. 
Fred The Godson has two little girls with Jemmott and she says he is much more than a great rapper.
"We need him like he is our strength, he is our good vibes, our positivity,” said Jemmott. 
Jemmott says not to count him out just yet. 
"Don't just assume they are going to die. Because that's all we are hearing is people dying, dying, dying. He's winning, he's winning,” said Jemmott.