'Real men wear pink': Brooklyn resident raises nearly $500K for American Cancer Society

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and News 12 is highlighting a Brooklyn man who has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to combat breast cancer over the years while creating fun events to get the community involved.
Raising thousands of dollars for American Cancer Society, Brooklyn resident Joe Gillette ranks as a national top 10 supporter.
"So far this year I've raised about $55,000. A lot of us have wives, girlfriends, daughters, and you know we're out there doing it for them and showing the support," says Gillette. "I think over the 12 years I've done it, and I'm a one-man team, I've raised almost $500,000."
He began volunteering with the organization over a decade ago first participating in the Relay for Life Cancer Walk in 2010.
Inspired by the event, Gillette says he got the idea to start giving back himself.
"I found out that even just being here in my little corner of Brooklyn that I could make a difference. Not only here in the community but around the country by raising money for the American Cancer Society."
Since then, he's launched a number of creative fundraising challenges like the Real Men Wear Pink "Unger" Games and the King of the Wing Chicken Eating Contest.
This October, Gillette is committing to wearing something pink every day of the month. He says his mission is to not only raise funds but to also use his events to raise awareness of the disease. That's something he says he does all year long when he's not working his full-time job as a lawyer.