Remembering Twin Parks: Rep. Torres talks fire safety ahead of 2-year anniversary of fatal Twin Parks fire

Tuesday marks the two-year anniversary of the tragic fire at Twin Parks that killed 17 Bronx residents. 
It was one of the deadliest fires in New York City history.  
The cause of the fire was a faulty space heater and a malfunction in the self-closing doors in the building. Since that day, there have been calls for better fire safety measures.  
Rep. Ritchie Torres has pushed for two new pieces of legislation since that horrific fire. One passed in 2022, which empowers the U.S. Fire Administration to investigate fires and prevent future ones.  
The second piece of legislation, introduced last month, looks to tackle the ever-growing issue of lithium-ion batteries.  
“There’s no place that has a greater stake in fire safety than the Bronx... In the past three years the Bronx has been home to the deadliest fires in New York City," said Torres.
Tune in to Mornings on 12 on Tuesday to learn more about the push for improved fire safety citywide and to join us in mourning the lives lost in the tragic Twin Parks fire.