Rep. Jamaal Bowman introduces Green New Deal for Public Schools

Lifelong educator and Rep. Jamaal Bowman introduced a new bill that's aimed at transforming the public school system and fighting climate change.
Rep. Bowman introduced the Green New Deal for Public Schools, which would invest $1.43 trillion over 10 years to enhance the country's public school system.
"Our public schools, particularly schools in our redlined and marginalized communities, have been neglected for decades. We have to do everything we can to take care of our most precious resource, which is our children," he said Friday.
The Green New Deal includes infrastructural changes to public school buildings to create healthy, zero carbon learning environments for students and staff.
"We have schools without proper ventilation systems and proper HVAC systems, and we have schools with asbestos that are literally falling into disrepair and in some parts of the country ... are now infested with rodents," Bowman said.
The bill also plans to spend $250 billion into hiring more teachers and reducing student-to-staff ratios.