FDNY: 2 injured in building collapse at Orchard Beach

A News 12 viewer says there was a construction building collapse and that two people were injured, with one suffering critical injuries.

News 12 Staff

Jul 13, 2023, 4:11 PM

Updated 317 days ago


First responders came to the rescue of two construction workers at Orchard Beach on Thursday for a construction collapse.
Officials say that a 20-by-15-foot piece of concrete fell on two workers at around 10:56 a.m. The around-the-clock EMS presence at Orchard Beach that is there during the summer months helped to quickly aid the two workers.
The workers suffered serious injuries but are expected to be OK. 
"Orchard Beach is quite the distance from the nearest EMS station, so having someone posted here with the population increase over the summer helps us," said FDNY Deputy Chief Kenneth Scanlon. 
The incident took place at an $87 million construction site for the Orchard Beach Pavilion. The project by the city's Economic Development Corporation is currently under inspection from the Department of Buildings.
The New York City EDC says the project was originally set to finish by the 2025 beach season, but it is unknown if that will remain on schedule. 

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