Rhode Island woman creates pet keepsakes for those who lost a pet

Katie Teixeira uses the profits to donate to a local animal shelter.

News 12 Staff

Nov 3, 2023, 12:31 AM

Updated 256 days ago


A Rhode Island woman with a love for cats is doing all she can to help grieving pet owners and the local cat shelter she volunteers at.
Katie Teixeira says losing her 11-year-old cat Milo in 2021 was a hard hit to her heart.
“I wanted a piece of jewelry to wear with her ashes or her fur, which I have both,” she says.
Teixeira created a ring of remembrance using Milo's whiskers. And now she has also been creating pet keepsakes for others. She started a business called “Fallen Whiskers.
“I can use ashes, fur, whiskers, anything really,” Teixeira says. “Any pet owner would want to remember their pet’s life.”
And Teixeira is also giving back to the shelter where she volunteers. She uses the money she earns selling the jewelry to purchase products for the cats.

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