Road Trip Close to Home: Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum

Two new exhibitions at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum are taking visitors on a journey through the careers of two acclaimed artists.
Take a walk around the museum's spiraling rotunda and see the two newest exhibitions: the Etel Adnan: Lights New Measure and the Vasily Kandinsky: Around the Circle.
Etel Adnan: Lights New Measure showcases paintings and artwork from renowned artist Etel Adnan.
Vasily Kandinsky: Around the Circle, named after the late artist, shows a series of watercolors, paintings, and woodcuts by Kandinsky.
"This exhibition around the circle brings together over 70 works by Vasily Kandinsky, the Russian-born artist, and they are all works that originate from the Guggenheim's collection," says curator Megan Fontanella. "We are able with our own collection to tell this really retrospective story of Kandinsky's life and work."
Born in the 1800s, Kandinsky was known as a major innovator in the world of art, experimenting with expressive art forms like abstraction.
"Kandinsky was active in the first decades of the 20th century. He was an artist who was very much informed by his sense of place. He begins to introduce this more geometric language and that's where you see the circle, the square, the triangle become these really important forms for his abstract language."
The exhibition chronicles different parts of Kandinsky's career from art pieces from his time in art and design school, to his final chapter set in France.
Fontanella says much of Kandinsky's work was about uplifting humanity, and she's hoping visitors will relate to his story of resilience and adaptation.
The Light's new measure exhibition will be open until January and the around the circle exhibition will be open until September of next year.