Road Trip: Fotografiska Museum's 50th anniversary of hip-hop exhibit

A new exhibit at the Fotografiska Museum takes visitors on a historical and cultural journey of hip-hop.

News 12 Staff

and Marisa Marcellino

Mar 23, 2023, 4:38 PM

Updated 433 days ago


The Fotografiska Museum in Manhattan is holding a special exhibit to commemorate the 50th anniversary of hip-hop.
"I think for a lot of people, when they think hip-hop, they just think rap. They think rappers and celebrities, but hip-hop is really about people and everyday people who make hip-hop a real thing," says Sacha Jenkins, the co-curator for the exhibit.
The Hip Hop Conscious, Unconscious exhibit displays photos from over 50 artists across the world through the history of the music genre in the South Bronx. Visitors will travel through the two-floor exhibit to where the music is today. Jenkins adds visitors will see how hip-hop is now more conscious of itself and more aware of its power and influence.
"There's something about it that's very accessible. There's something about it that's very common and natural and that's why I think it's so relatable to people around the world," says Jenkins.
From breakdancing portraits to 3D art, experience the global phenomenon of hip-hop and learn about its journey to mainstream music. The exhibit is open until May 20.

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