Rolling into the next chapter: Academy of Mount Saint Ursula holds annual Ring Day

An annual coming of age tradition has girls at the Academy of Mount Saint Ursula literally rolling into the next chapter of their life.
It is a special tradition that serves as a send-off for girls at Academy of Mount Saint Ursula.

The girls took part by skating or scooting down the hill on 199 Street, a tradition the school has been doing for the last 60 years.
"It was a lot of fun. You can just feel everyone watching you,” said Maya Lindsay.
Family members and the rest of the school were cheering them on.

"So proud of all these girls. They really worked hard. I love the tradition of skating. It's like a sisterhood - they help each other down the hill,” says Sister Jean Humphries, principal of Academy of Mount Saint Ursula.

It began in 1959 when a sister school closed and students decided it would be a good way  to connect.

"One thing I would want them to realize the values they learned here and to be a woman of integrity as they move forward,” says Sister Humphries.

The day ended with a ring and award ceremony.