Roselle Catholic High School class of 2022 included 6 sets of twins

People in the audience to watch the 2022 graduating class of Roselle Catholic High School were seeing double this year thanks to a unique situation – six sets of graduating twins.
News 12 New Jersey sat down with one set of twins who say they carry a special bond.
Olivia and Jason DiMenno say that they always felt a both with the other sets of twins in the school – including three sets of identical twins.
“It was really nice having that experience, because it was like a twin clique,” says Olivia.
But when we asked what it was like all these years to be in school together, one is reminded that they are very much a typical brother and sister.
“Very challenging actually, because he’s always relying on me for a lot of homework and studying and stuff,” Olivia says.
It is an accusation that Jason does not deny.
“I always ask her for homework answers and stuff like that,” he says.
They will be separating this fall. Olivia will head to Seton Hall University and Jason will attend Union County College.
They will be moving on with the other twins, including the Moskol-Linder brothers, the Terry, the Owens. the Yuschak sisters and the Joseph brothers.
“I’m careful using the word ‘unique,’ but I think in this case the word fits,” says Assistant Principal Joe Skrec. "It certainly was something that was challenging to teachers at times… I think it got easier the older it got."
The DiMennos say they are looking forward to going to separate schools to highlight their own individuality.
“I will enjoy it because I’ll just get to be myself,” Jason says.
Jason was also asked if he will be the one to get more attention from mom once his sister is gone, to which Olivia replied, "He already does, he 100% does. He's the favorite child even though I do everything."
“No, she’s exactly right,” says Jason.
The siblings said that they will miss each other and will probably still talk every day.
The senior class at Roselle Catholic only had 90 students.