School officers rail against plan to pull metal detectors

Union representatives and school safety officers are demanding more support and transparency from City Hall on whether metal detectors and scanners will stay in schools.
In July, the Mayor's Leadership Team on School Climate and Discipline released recommendations to improve the scanning process in schools. The team suggested removing metal detectors.
The recommendation horrified parents and school safety officials. Union representatives say their officers can only do so much and they alone cannot control the weapons coming into the school. Representatives believe removing metal detectors from schools could be deadly.
"Scanning is a part of life. If you take scanning out of some of these schools in neighborhoods where kids are shooting and fighting and creating violence, we're going to have a problem. We're really going to have a big problem," says Derek Jackson, Teamsters Local 237.
NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton has spoken out against removing scanners.
A spokesperson for the mayor says there is still a need for metal detectors in some schools and that these recommendations are under review.