Search party looks for missing Poughkeepsie man with special needs

A search party is looking for a missing Poughkeepsie man with special needs.
Jordan Jones' family hasn't heard from him in several days. They've planned a search party on the south side of Poughkeepsie today, with another search party looking on the North Side.
Searches all the way from Albany to the Taconic parkway will be taking place as well, including in Peekskill where there was an unconfirmed sighting of Jones on Thursday.
The family is working together with Keep Hope Alive 845, a nonprofit that looks for missing people throughout the Hudson valley.
If you'd like to help out and volunteer, Keep Hope Alive 845’s Domingo Ramos has some tips to prepare.
"If you're going to be in the parks, we suggest you wear boots…we don't want no one getting bit by ticks,” Ramos says. “Make sure your phones are charged up. Please put your locators on, that's very important.”