Security stepped up at city mosques because of ‘Punish a Muslim Day’

<p>The NYPD is stepping up security at mosques around the city to brace for &ldquo;Punish a Muslim Day,&rdquo; officials say.&nbsp;</p>

News 12 Staff

Apr 3, 2018, 12:28 PM

Updated 2,295 days ago


The NYPD stepped up security at mosques around the city to brace for “Punish a Muslim Day,” officials say.
New York City leaders denounced a letter and a social media campaign declaring Tuesday a day to attack Muslims.
The letter was spread on social media and sent to Muslim officials and different communities around England and the U.K. last week.
Muslim leaders said it wasn't sent to anyone specifically in New York City, but that they were taking it seriously.
Religious leaders gathered Tuesday with Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams to address the community's concerns regarding the content of the letter.
Adams and local organizations said they would visit mosques and businesses Tuesday to offer suggestions on how to keep the community safe.
The letter detailed an awarded point system for attacking Muslims in various ways. For example, the letter stated that 25 points can be earned to pull a head scarf off of a Muslim woman or 10 points for verbally abusing a Muslim person.
Officials urged the community to not be intimidated or fearful.

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