Servers rally outside Bronx Applebee’s to support worker suing company for racial pay inequality

One law student is suing Applebee's after claims he was paid less because of his race.

Samantha Chaney and Adolfo Carrion

Apr 7, 2023, 12:32 AM

Updated 418 days ago


Servers gathered outside of the Applebee’s at Bronx Terminal Market to call out what they say is racial pay inequality.  
This comes as server Justin Onwenu is suing the company after claiming to have been paid less because of his race.  
After working at the Bronx Terminal Market Applebee’s for less than one month, Onwenu says he instantly became responsible for many tasks, performing the same duties as servers at any other location.  
According to the job description, New York franchise owner Apple-Metro pays tipped workers between $10 and $15 per hour. Workers in the Bronx who are predominantly Black and brown say their wages are at the bottom of that scale.  
“That’s a 50% difference,” said Anjana Malhotra, senior attorney at the National Center for Law and Economic Justice. “It results in severe economic damage.” 
Onwenu, who is a law student at Columbia University, is attempting to repair that economic damage by attempting to deliver a notice of his lawsuit to management – which they refused to accept. 
Onwenu’s attorney told News 12 that the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is investigating Onwenu’s complain at this time, which could take up to six months.

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