Slain woman’s aunt comments on suspects' statements

The family of the Bronx woman who was killed and dismembered last month commented Thursday on new details that were released about statements the suspects made.
Daquan Wheeler and Ciara Martinez were both charged in the death of Lisa Marie Velasquez.
Wheeler's top charge is second-degree murder, while Martinez's top charge is second-degree criminal facilitation.
"I was really disgusted with the fact we made eye contact," says Jacqueline Perez, the victim's aunt.
Earlier this week, documents from the district attorney were released discussing what the suspects told detectives about the night of Aug. 22.
Wheeler and Martinez blamed each other in the documents for killing Velasquez.
The documents also show that the only similar part of their statements is that they got food during the cleanup of the killing.
Martinez also told detectives she only touched Velasquez twice during the incident.
Wheeler is due back in court Jan. 8. Martinez is due back Dec. 20.