Social media expert weighs on the recent rise of recorded acts of violence

It comes as new video on social media showed students in White Plains High School slapping, punching and kicking a student in a bathroom.

News 12 Staff

Feb 19, 2022, 1:15 AM

Updated 884 days ago


A social media expert is weighing on why there have been so many acts of violence being recorded on video.
Kris Ruby, who owns White Plains PR and social media agency Ruby Media, says videos like this or others seen lately from Orange County are happening more often because people want more views, likes and clicks.
She also says there's a larger, underlying cause that has to do with the entire country's culture right now.
"There's a trend of being keyboard warriors and this is a manifestation of that that is now taking place in schools in Westchester where people are not only being nasty to each other anonymously online, but they're actually now being physically violent to each other in schools within Westchester County," she says.
But there are big consequences kids might not consider like college and careers.
Ruby says she's seen these things reappear years later and “friends” can easily make public something shared "privately."
"What you're doing now that you think can help you get clicks or likes or more followers, can really hurt you long term," she says.
She says parents should talk to their kids about the consequences.
Another issue is that kids aren't just making the videos, they are seeing them as well.
Ruby says social media sites are reckoning with this, but still, algorithms often reward videos like this that get an emotional response so more people end up seeing them, and it becomes somewhat normal in a way.

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