Social Security office location causes confusion

A new Social Security office in the Bronx has been causing some confusion among residents.
In early November, the Social Security Administration building located on Jerome Avenue moved to a new location on the Grand Concourse, leaving many residents unsure of where to go.
Officials with the Social Security Administration tell News 12 they are trying to keep signs up to let as many people know about the change as they can.
The signs include maps pointing people in the direction of the new building, 2501 Grand Concourse, which is another half-mile walk.
Some people claim they never received a notice about the move.
"It would have been nice for them to send out something, an email you know, because I have an email connected to them so they have my email address, or they could have sent a letter out," says Dominique McNair, a Bronx resident.
Some confusion could be due to the fact when searching online, the old location still pops up.