‘Sole to Soul’ - Group walks New Jersey path of Underground Railroad to learn its history

Historians have documented for years how the Underground Railroad used by freedom seekers escaping from slavery ran straight through New Jersey.
A group of people is now looking to experience that history in a dramatic, powerful way by walking that path.
It's called Our Walk to Freedom - a 160-mile trek along the route of the Underground Railroad from Cape May to Burlington City.
Each weekend, or several times a week, they walk a segment of five to 15 miles. Along the way, they've met people, visited churches and found themselves listening to stories of those who helped guide people to freedom and those who made the dramatic journey in search of it.
"Sole to Soul" they call it - the process by which walking the route with their feet - has created a new connection with freedom seekers who lived long ago.
A year after the opening of the Harriet Tubman Museum in Cape May last summer brought a new focus to the time she spent living in New Jersey and as the nation commemorates the 200th anniversary of her birth, I caught up with the walkers on a stretch through Gloucester County.
The group has seven walks left, with the final leg ending in Burlington City on May 28. Members of the public are invited to join at any time. A schedule is posted at ourwalktofreedom.com.