Some Long Island parents frustrated as appellate judge rules to keep mask mandate in place at schools

An appellate judge granted a motion to stay the decision of the state Supreme Court judge's ruling on mask mandates Tuesday. The decision means the mandate is back in effect this morning, especially in schools.
Many parents say they are frustrated over the flip flopping of the mask mandate.
On Tuesday night, a board meeting was held in the Bethpage School District where parents were heated and threatened to send their kids to school without masks today.
It comes comes after about two dozen school districts lifted the mask mandate yesterday following a New York judge ruling that the state's mask mandate couldn't be enforced.
However, today, the mask mandate is temporarily back in place after an appellate judge granted the motion to stay.

Many parents in Bethpage are furious, saying their children were finally happy again in school on Tuesday while not wearing the mask.
"My kids will never wear a mask again, starting tomorrow, so I hope you have a plan in place if you're going to suspend my kids,” says Teresa Helfrich, of Bethpage.
Gov. Kathy Hochul and the attorney general say they'll continue fighting in court to keep the mask mandate in place.
Another hearing on the mandate will be held on Friday.