SPCA asks for public’s assistance after 100 cats found abandoned in Freehold home

The Monmouth County SPCA is asking for the public’s assistance after nearly 100 cats were found at an abandoned home earlier this year.
The organization says that the indoor and outdoor cats were found at a home in Freehold Township. The homeowner who was caring for the cats became hospitalized and the animals were abandoned.
“She has no next of kin and she has been caring for a lot of cats…that'd been roaming in her house and around her property,” says Ross Locitra, with the Monmouth County SPCA. “It's more common than not. There are a lot of people that unfortunately hoard animals and cats are the No. 1 animal that they do hoard.”
The Monmouth County SPCA Police Department has been called to the home on a few occasions for reports of animal cruelty, but no proof was found. They just found dozens of cats, which were well cared for. The house has now been condemned by the health department.
“We were alerted by Western Monmouth Animal Control and the Freehold Township Health Department looking for assistance to try and get the cats as quickly as we can to the shelter,” says Locitra.
Locitra says animal control is trapping and bringing in 15 cats from this home every week.
“Once they get them to the shelter, they go through all the medical procedures. We have to make sure they're safe, OK, their behavior is assessed,” Locitra says. “So far the ones we've gotten in here have been friendly.”
They hope to have the cats adopted to loving homes.
The SPCA is calling on the community to donate cat food so that they can continue to care for the cats until they find their forever homes.
The organization is also expecting to bring in stray pets from Florida and Puerto Rico, after hurricanes Ian and Fiona left those areas underwater.