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Special election for 2 City Council districts uses new rank voting system in the Bronx

A special election in two City Council districts is being held today in the Bronx.

News 12 Staff

Mar 24, 2021, 11:28 AM

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A special election in two City Council districts took place in the Bronx Tuesday. 
Mayor Bill de Blasio told Bronx residents to get out and vote to have their voices heard.
Rank choice voting was used for one of the first times in New York City elections.
The new system gives voters the chance to pick their favorite candidates in order of who they prefer. Antonio Vasquez says it is the first time he is using the rank voting system and that he researched it before coming to vote. Others like Jennifer Nelms knew how she wanted to vote for and did not rank any other candidates. “I actually just put my favorite candidate and just did that, and called it a day,” Nelms said.
It could take longer to know the winners of the election due to the new system.
Early voting for the elections began on March 13, but only 2,000 early votes have been cast.
The seat for District 11 became vacant when Andrew Cohen left the city council for a spot on the Bronx Supreme Court.
There are six candidates on the ballot for the district that includes Kingsbridge, Riverdale, Norwood, Wakefield and Woodlawn.
Ritchie Torres left his position in District 15 when he was elected to Congress.
Ten candidates are hoping to fill his position for the district serving Fordham, Mount Hope, Belmont, East Tremont, Allerton and Olinville.
Extra precautions were taken at polling places due to the coronavirus. Masks were required, and people remained socially distant. 

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