State Sen. Boyle calls for AG to 'investigate the investigation' into the Gilgo Beach murders

State Sen. Phil Boyle held a news conference Monday in Oak Beach to push for answers in the Gilgo Beach murders.
Boyle sent out three letters about the murders. The first letter went to Attorney General Letitia James. In that letter, Boyle asks James to “investigate the investigation” into the Gilgo murders. Boyle's second letter went to Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone. Boyle demanded to know why Bellone didn't immediately fire former Police Chief James Burke when Burke kicked the FBI out of the investigation. The last letter was to Acting Suffolk Police Commissioner Stuart Cameron. That letter asks Cameron whether or not Burke has officially been cleared as a suspect.
"Tell us that because right now we're waiting for the Suffolk County Police Department to give us information, and I have the utmost respect for the men and women of the Suffolk County law enforcement, without a doubt. But they waited 10 years to show us part of a belt, and we're not going to sit here and wait another 10 years for them to show us the buckle that goes with the belt. We want answers now," says Boyle.
A spokesperson from Bellone's office issued a statement saying, "This remains an ongoing criminal investigation of the highest priority. We're not going to respond to what is nothing more than a political charade."
The Suffolk County Police Department responded to the letter saying, "The Gilgo Beach homicide investigation continues to be a top priority for the Suffolk County Police Department. The department has detectives who are solely dedicated to this investigation and our department is working closely with both the Suffolk County District Attorney's Office and with the FBI. The Suffolk County Police Department does not comment on suspects in any criminal investigation."
In order for the AG to have the power to investigate, it needs a referral from the DA or the governor's office.