STORM WATCH: Rain and heavy gusts overnight lead to steady Thursday showers

News 12 Storm Watch Meteorologist Allan Nosoff says winds could reach 30+ miles per hour overnight. Showers will stick around through Thursday morning.

News 12 Staff

May 15, 2024, 10:35 AM

Updated 7 days ago


TONIGHT: Windswept showers. Gusts of 30+ mph likely after midnight, especially near the water. Moderate burst of rain around midnight tapers to showers by 5AM. Lows near 58.
TOMORROW - STORM WATCH AM: Steady rain tapers to showers through the AM commute, with light rain, mist, and drizzle for the rest of the day. Additional round of showers as the storm exits between 5 and 10PM. Cool and dreary feel. Highs near 65. Any leftover sprinkles end around midnight. Lows near 55.
FRIDAY - PICK OF THE WEEK: A nice finish to the workweek, mostly sunny and warmer. Highs near 77. Lows near 57.
SATURDAY: A chance of late-day showers, which would make this upcoming weekend the SIXTH STRAIGHT weekend with rain, or 11 of the last 12. Highs near 65. Lows near 57.
SUNDAY: Early morning shower chance gives way to a partly cloudy and mild afternoon. Highs near 69. Lows around 59.
EARLY NEXT WEEK: More sunshine and warmer! Highs approach 80 by Tuesday. Lows near 60.

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