Sunny, breezy conditions for Monday across NYC; chance of showers Wednesday

News 12 Storm Watch Team Meteorologist Allan Nosoff says New York City will see sunny and breezy conditions for the start of the new work week before a chance of showers on Wednesday.
NOW: Cloudy and windy but a few isolated downpours possible between 7 p.m. and 9 p.m.
NEXT: Temperatures rise to 61. Wind gusts of 30-45 mph expected and 45+ mph at the shore and coastline.
OVERNIGHT: Clearing sky but remaining windy. Gusts of 25-40 mph expected. Temps hover near 55.
MONDAY: Partly to mostly sunny. Remaining breezy with 20-30 MPH gusts. Highs dropping to 53. Lows down to 37.
TUESDAY: Sunny and tranquil. Highs near 48, lows around 43.
WEDNESDAY: Partly to mostly cloudy. Showers possible during the second half of the day. Highs surge to 61. Lows down to 43 with showers ending by midnight.
THURSDAY: Becoming sunny and breezy, much colder. Highs only near 45. Lows down to 34.
LATE WEEK: Pretty typical for the start of December. Highs near 50, lows in the upper-30s; staying dry.