Students walk to end domestic violence

Students from around New York City were at Bronx Community College Sunday to participate in a 5K to raise awareness about domestic violence.
Attendees walked and ran as a demonstration to bring awareness to the problem. 
Many participated in part for Alexandra Kogut, a freshman at SUNY Brockport who was beaten to death by her boyfriend in her dorm room.
"With October being a month to draw awareness to domestic violence, now people are saying, 'Wait, this is not normal, this is not appropriate,'" says organizer Sophea So.
Maryory Ramirez, a student from the South Bronx says she participated because she wants people who suffer from abuse to know they are not alone.
"I know many people who have been abused, one involving my own mother," says Ramirez. "And there's always a way out."
The race is one of numerous similar races taking place around New York to remember Kogut's life, but also to bring an end to domestic violence.
Organizers say Kogut's legacy will live on as students fight to end domestic violence.