Suffern SD goes remote during snow day

Thursday's weather meant some students had a snow day, but others were at home learning remote.
Everyone working or attending schools within the Suffern Central School District went virtual Thursday.
"First off, Suffern Central Schools don't have snow days built into the calendar, and I think that's the most important piece right there," says Dr. Erik Gundersen, superintendent of Suffern Central School District.
In his first year as superintendent, Gundersen says using snow days now would force them to use future vacation days instead - a move decided by school officials last year.
But snow days are not entirely a thing of the past for Suffern as it prepares to create next year's school calendar.
"The future is flexibility. Knowing that there are days we can utilize remote learning days and days we can implement traditional snow days," says Gundersen.
The superintendent says there was a 90% attendance rate Thursday, as well as it being the first time some students saw the faces of their classmates and teachers.
"Remote learning has a time and a place. It's certainly not appropriate for the prolonged period of time. But every once in a while, like on a day like today, it's perfect. And I never want Suffern Central to be taking away that joy of students waking up from time to time, and getting a real snow day," says Gundersen.