Supply chain crisis causing shortages for local business owners

It’s a season of shortages according to businesses across the city as more reports of supply chain issues have business owners scrambling for products they need.
One Boerum Hill restaurant, Sottocasa, known for serving authentic Neapolitan pizza using fresh ingredients, is having trouble ordering the very ingredients needed to make them.
This new challenge, caused by the network of ports that moves goods around the world being caught in a supply chain gridlock, is causing business owners to raise prices to compensate. 
The owners of Sottocasa say a case of SanPellegrino, a special Italian soda usually costs $19 but now costs $26, just one example of the rising costs of products business owners are facing. 
As owners Mariarosa Pennacchio and Luca Arrigoni work around the issue, only ordering the most important items needed for the restaurant, they say they’re also picking up more shifts due to a labor shortage. 
Still, the two say they are looking at the bright side of things.
The owners say the supply chain crisis is yet another hit after the challenges they faced from the COVID-19 pandemic.
"What we're missing the most is having a loud, chaotic restaurant with all the people running and having fun. We're really looking forward to when everything is going to be done,” says Arrigoni.