Supreme Court ruling in NY 2nd Amendment case could make it easier to carry gun in all states

As the country continues to grapple with recent mass shootings, the United States Supreme Court is dealing with a case that could make it easier to carry a gun anywhere across the country, including New York.
The case of the New York State Rifle & Pistol Association Inc. v. Bruen was argued in November and a decision could be coming soon.
"Any decision that the court makes is going to be applicable across the country as a matter of constitutional right,” says Brooklyn Law School Professor Bill Araiza.
Currently under New York state law, residents must get a permit to carry a gun outside the home and prove a special need to carry it, like a credible threat against your life.
The petitioners in this case want fewer requirements, like those seen in other states.
“A regime in which as long as you satisfy the standard criteria, background check, red flag…you are therefore entitled as a matter of right to carry your gun outside in public,” Araiza says.
The Supreme Court will interpret the Second Amendment, weigh the following options and come up with an opinion.
“Is New York's law adequate? This requirement that there be a special needs demonstration, or does the satisfaction of these basic general that all a state can assist on? "Araiza asked.
The court's decision could make it more difficult for states and cities to enforce their own types of gun laws. Mayor Eric Adams says the possibility is terrifying.
“Can you imagine getting on the 4 train and someone having a 9mm exposed? Is everyone on the train carrying? This is not the wild, wild west,” he says.
If the law ends up changing, the mayor says he will be working with other cities to come up with legislation to get around it.
The Supreme Court's decision is expected by the end of this month.